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Global Public Health Track (GIS-GPH)

Students in the GPH concentration are required to take a total of 6 courses as outlined below. Three should be at the 300 level or above. Below is a list of concentration requirements and samples of courses that fulfill those requirements.

Click here for the Approved Courses for Spring 2017

I. Social Dimensions of Health

One course in the social dimensions of public health. Courses may come from any of the social studies disciplines which offer health courses, including anthropology, philosophy, political studies, and sociology. The best course for this requirement is Global Public Health offered as a part of the Bard Globalization and International Affairs Program in New York City which is recommended to all students in the program.

Sample Courses:
  • Global Public Health
  • Anthropology of Medicine
  • Disease, Medicine, and Power
  • Sociology of AIDS
  • Sociology of Health and Illness
  • Global Change and Human Health
  • The Global Context of Public Health

II. Science

Two courses in Biology: one at the subcellular level and one in organismal diversity.
  1. Subcellular Biology
    Sample Courses:
    • From Genes to Traits
    • Environmental Microbiology
    • Introduction to Neurbiology
    • Genetics and Evolution
    • Human Physiology
  2. Organismal Diversity
    Sample Courses:
    • Global Change Biology
    • Biodiversity
    • Ecology and Evolution

III. Political Studies

(and related disciplines)

Two courses: one on theories of international relations and one on theories and practice of globalization (in some cases students can substitute a second course in theories and practice of globalization for a course in theories of international relations). While the majority of courses that fulfill these requirements are listed in political studies, courses from other disciplines, such as history and anthropology, may also fulfill GIS requirements.
  1. International Relations Theory
    Sample Courses:
    • Introduction to International Relations
    • Great Power Politics
    • Ethics and Internaitonal Affairs 
  2. Theories and Practice of Globalization
    Sample Courses:
    • Global Citizenship
    • Politics of Globalization
    • Global Inequality and Development

IV. Statistics

One course in statistics.

Sample Courses:
  • Biostatistics
  • Statistics for Psychology
  • Intro to Research Methods (SOC 205)

V. Moderation

To moderate into the Global Public Health (GPH) concentration, students must have taken, prior to moderation, two courses that fulfill GPH requirements.  Normally, moderation into the GPH concentration happens alongside the student's moderation into their primary program.  In addition to the course requirements, students must write a one-page plan of study that describes their interest in the GPH concentration and details plans for future coursework, study abroad and/or away, and the senior project. Any student interested in moderating into the GPH concentration should contact Mike Tibbetts ( to discuss their plans.  

VI. Senior Project

The two-semester senior project, based in the student's primary discipline, must address global and international themes by incorporating the interdisciplinary lessons students have learned during their GIS coursework.